Transport your dog or cat internationally from anywhere in New Zealand with Dandy Dogs.

Should I arrange a Vet check if my pet is traveling?

No matter which part of the world your pet is travelling to, there will always be a veterinary check required.  In some cases this can be done by your own vet, or Dandy Dogs can arrange it for you. 

Xmas puppy looking forward to travelling overseas with Dandy Dogs pet transportation and grooming Saphite the cat after a long journey with Dandy Dogs pet transport and small-dog grooming service.

Ask us about the specific requirements for transfering animals to your destination country. For all countries other than Australia, there is a requirement for additional checks to be done by MPI staff.

When should I get my traveling dog or cat checked?

Some international travel destinations require tests to be done on your pet many months in advance - please contact Dandy Dogs as early as possible so we can let you know what must be done.

What about accommodation for my pet during travel?

Dandy Dogs happy customers will tell you that we love cats and dogs and we have associations with excellent kennels & catteries. Ask us to arrange trustworthy boarding for your pet.

Also, Dandy Dogs is part of an established network of pet transporters who can be available to assist, or undertake clearances for your cat or dog in other countries or within New Zealand.

Do I need to buy a special pet crate for international travel?

All pet crates must be of a type approved by the airlines - we will discuss that with you, and provide animal crates if needed. It's most important that the crate is of a size that suits your pet.

Please give us as much time as possible to make all the travel arrangements for your pet  - but sometimes we may be able to perform miracles!

Oh, and our small-dog grooming service will prepare your pooch for the long-haul.

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Dog and cat international transport with Dandy Dogs.